Campus Safety Report

Campus Safety Monthly Incident Review
March 2017
Date Time Site Area          Incident Report #
7-Mar 16:40 DB B300/R224 Conduct-Student found in unauthorized area. Referred to Judicial Affairs. 17-03-094
8-Mar 8:43 DB B100/R118 Conduct-Student disruptive with employees. Referred to Judicial Affairs. 17-03-095
8-Mar 10:38 DB B300 Conduct-Student found in unauthorized area. Referred to Judicial Affairs. 17-03-096
21-Mar 11:26 DB B500 Conduct- Inappropriate sexual behavior in public- 2 students. Ref. to J.A. 17-03-105
2-Mar 12:00 WC B7/R107 Injury-Employee fell when chair broke. Declined medical attention. 17-03-088
7-Mar 10:40 DB B400 Injury-Student twisted ankle walking on sidewalk Declined medical attention. 17-03-093
9-Mar 21:00 ATC Off campus Injury-Student injured ankle at VCSO Training Center. Declined medical. 17-03-100
17-Mar 15:50 DB Off campus Injury-Student trip & fall at off-campus College activity. Declined medical. 17-03-103
15-Mar 8:11 DB Off campus Illness-Student ill during nursing clinicals. Treated at clinic and released. 17-03-104
21-Mar 14:00 ATC Grounds Injury-Student injured foot during physical training. Treated by doctor. 17-03-106
22-Mar 16:28 DB B230 Illness-Student ill in class. Transported to hospital by family member. 17-03-109
10-Mar 12:00 DB B320 Injury-Student reported injury to back putting away tables, etc. after event. 17-03-110
27-Mar 18:30 ATC Room 125B Injury-Student ill during class. Transported to hospital by husband. 17-03-113
29-Mar 15:45 ATC DT Room Injury-Student reported back pain during physical training. First aid applied. 17-03-115
29-Mar 16:20 ATC DT Room Injury-Student injured shoulder during physical training. First aid applied. 17-03-116
30-Mar 11:45 DB B500 Injury-Student ill during class. Declined medical treatment. 17-03-118
30-Mar 12:45 DB B510 Injury-Student got cosmetology chemical in eyes. Flushed with water. 17-03-119
31-Mar 10:30 ATC Off campus Injury-L.E. student suffered minor injury at off-campus firearms training. 17-03-120
Unknown Unknown DB B530 Other-Graffiti found on wall. Cleaned by Facilities Services 17-03-087
3-Mar 8:42 DB Parking Lot P Other-Student felt threatened by other student’s demeanor. 17-03-091
8-Mar 9:50 WC B7 Other-Student advised College of off-campus dating violence issue. 17-03-097
21-Mar Unknown DB B540 Other-Non-student found student’s belongings off campus, turned in to C.S. 17-03-107
22-Mar 14:30 DB B530 Other-Graffiti found in restrooms. Subject identified. Ref. to Judicial Affairs. 17-03-108
29-Mar 10:15 DTC Parking Lot Other-3 students arrested for misdemeanor drug possession. Ref. to J.A. 17-03-117
1-Mar 8:30 DTC B1/R107 Property-College computer mouse missing. Replaced by I.T. 17-03-086
6-Mar 10:30 NSB Parking Lot Theft-Employee’s bank cards, driver’s license stolen from vehicle. PD report. 17-03-092
8-Mar 13:20 DB B500 Theft-Students unattended backpack stolen from public area. 17-03-098
8-Mar 9:00 DB B310 Theft-Student’s backpack stolen from office, recovered with items missing. 17-03-099
10-Mar 9:44 DB B540 Theft-Student’s bicycle stolen from campus bike rack. DBPD report. 17-03-101
Unknown Unknown DB B320 Theft-Unknown subject vandalized, stole from gumball machine. DBPD rprt. 17-03-102
25-Mar 9:00 DB B310 Theft-Student’s bicycle stolen from campus bike rack. Declined PD report. 17-03-112
23-Mar 13:45 DB B540 Trespass-Two non-students issued trespass warnings by DBPD. 17-03-111
1-Mar 14:05 NJC Entrance Vehicle-Non-student’s vehicle struck pavement at entrance. No injuries. 17-03-089
2-Mar 14:20 DB Parking Lot E Vehicle-Hit & run on parked vehicle, no injuries. DBPD report. 17-03-090
28-Mar 18:13 DB Parking Lot A Vehicle-Minor collision, student & non-student. No injuries. DBPD report. 17-03-114