Campus Safety Report

Campus Safety Monthly Incident Review
January 2017
Date Time Site Area          Incident Report #
2-Jan 11:59 DB B1200/R174 Fire alarm-DBFD responded, false alarm, sensor malfunction. 17-01-001
7-Jan 18:34 WC B7/R103 Security alarm-Non-business hours. Door found unlocked. No one present. 17-01-005
8-Jan 2:13 DB B430 Fire alarm-DBFD responded, false alarm, unknown cause. 17-01-006
24-Jan 18:56 DB B510 Assault-Two students in physical fight. Referred to Judicial Affairs. 17-01-032
5-Jan 11:49 DB B100/R224 Conduct-Student’s behavior erratic, aggressive. Referred to Judicial Affairs. 17-01-004
9-Jan 12:13 DB B300/R227 Conduct-Student disruptive, aggressive, shouting. Ref. to Judicial Affairs. 17-01-007
9-Jan 19:17 DB B100/R104D Conduct-Student disruptive, shouting. Referred to Judicial Affairs. 17-01-008
20-Jan 12:24 DB B200 Conduct-Students disruptive in bookstore. DBPD responded. Ref. to J.A. 17-01-025
23-Jan 14:09 DB B300/R227 Conduct-Student disruptive, aggressive with staff. Referred to Judicial Affairs. 17-01-029
24-Jan 11:00 FPC B2 Conduct-Student reported student made insulting comments in class. 17-01-033
26-Jan 11:31 DB B310 Conduct-Student disruptive, aggressive, erratic. Left campus. 17-01-035
26-Jan 11:31 DB B310 Conduct-Student disruptive, aggressive, erratic. Referred to Judicial Affairs. 17-01-036
3-Jan 15:30 DB B110 Injury-Minor-Employee dropped table on toe. Declined medical treatment. 17-01-002
11-Jan 15:20 ATC DT Room Injury-Minor-Student injured toe in Def. Tactics class. First aid administered. 17-01-009
12-Jan 8:40 DB Parking Lot K Injury-Minor-Item on passing cart struck employee’s side. Declined medical. 17-01-010
14-Jan 8:50 DB B320 Injury-Student fell in stairwell, multiple injuries. EVAC transport to hospital. 17-01-014
12-Jan 10:00 DB Grounds Injury-Employee reported injury to shoulder. Seeking medical attention. 17-01-017
17-Jan 10:50 ATC  DT Room Injury-Student injured ankle while jogging. Seeking medical attention. 17-01-018
19-Jan 12:34 DB B500 Injury-Student slip & fall, injured foot. EVAC responded, transport declined. 17-01-022
19-Jan 13:48 DB B100 Illness-Student feeling ill, requested ambulance. EVAC transport to hospital. 17-01-024
23-Jan 19:40 ATC Parking Lot Injury-Student-Minor cut on forehead during class activity. Declined medical. 17-01-030
25-Jan 9:40 DB B1200 Injury-Student-Minor cut on finger during Culinary class. First aid applied. 17-01-034
30-Jan 9:45 DB B510/R121 Illness-Cosmetology client (visitor) became dizzy. Declined medical. 17-01-038
30-Jan 11:07 DB B300/R108D Illness-Employee felt dizzy. Taken to personal doctor by friend. 17-01-039
4-Jan 9:30 DB Parking Lot D Other-Items disturbed in employee’s unsecured vehicle. Nothing stolen. 17-01-003
12-Jan 11:40 DB Parking Lot C Other-Non-student left hospital with injuries, taken into custody by DBPD 17-01-011
13-Jan 13:54 DB B220 Other-Student & non-student (boyfriend) arguing. DBPD report. No arrest. 17-01-012
13-Jan 23:00 DB Multiple bldgs. Other-Power outage, several buildings. Repaired by Facilities and FPL. 17-01-013
15-Jan 4:30 DB ISB Entrance Other-Non-student, possibly intoxicated, sleeping in vehicle. Vehicle towed. 17-01-015
18-Jan 9:49 DB B100/R104 Other-Student’s behavior erratic, unusual. Escorted off campus by DBPD. 17-01-019
19-Jan 11:10 DB B100/R104 Other-Student reported lost phone, unsure of when last in possession. 17-01-021
18-Jan 8:00 FPC B2 Other-Employees reported odor/fumes in building. Investigated by Facilities. 17-01-031
20-Jan 16:00 ATC Parking lot Property-Votran bus struck, damaged college light pole. No injuries. 17-01-026
22-Jan 11:05 DB Parking Lot R Property-Barricade blown by wind into employee’s vehicle. Minor damage. 17-01-027
30-Jan 11:00 FPC Parking Lot Property-Employee reported lost college phone. Phone later recovered. 17-01-041
Suspicious Incident
19-Jan 12:55 DB B430 SI-Unknown person seen in Facilities Services equipment storage areas. 17-01-023
28-Jan 8:40 DB B140/R306 Theft-Employees personal laptop & other items stolen from classroom. 17-01-037
30-Jan 20:20 DB Parking Lot E Theft-Armed carjacking of student. Student unharmed, vehicle recovered. 17-01-040
17-Jan 11:03 DB Parking Lot R Vehicle-Minor collision, student & visitor. No injuries. DBPD report. 17-01-016
18-Jan 11:05 WC Parking lot Vehicle-Student struck student’s parked vehicle. No injuries. FHP report. 17-01-020
23-Jan 12:30 NSB Parking Lot Vehicle-Minor collision, student & student. No injuries. DBPD report. 17-01-028